25 Things People Did Before Cell Phones You Wont Believe

Cell phones have revolutionized how people do pretty much everything. They’ve made life much faster, more convenient, and more connected. They help friends and family talk from far distances over video chat. They’re also great for getting information about the hottest restaurants, reserving an AirBNB, or requesting an Uber to get a ride home. Cell phones have become so integral to everyone’s lives, it’s easy to forget what people used to do before they were around. Which raises the question, “What was life like before cell phones?” It’s likely today’s kids have no idea what life was like before cell phones were invented. Well, let us enlighten you. Here are 25 Things People Did Before Cell Phones You Wont Believe.

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Used actual cameras


Today, it seems like only serious photographers use actual cameras to take pictures. Everyone else uses their cell phone. However, before cell phones, everyone used a camera. Whether digital, analog, or, disposable, to take pictures you had to lug around another device.


Listened to music on CDs or Mp3 players


Music streaming straight from the internet has become the popular source of music today, but back before the internet was readily available, and depending on how far back you go, people used CD’s and Mp3 players to listen to music. You couldn’t just pick whatever song you wanted at any given moment.


Owned road maps


It might be hard to believe, but when traveling far distances, people bought physical maps, like those huge Rand McNally maps, to help them get to a certain destination. Rather than a computer’s voice kindly telling dad where to go, it was likely your mom holding a map and yelling at him.


Asked for directions


When the physical map failed to get a person where they wanted to go, especially in rural farm towns or confusing cities, people tended to find the nearest gas station and ask for directions.


Checked email on the computer only


Checking email on a phone is a novelty taken for granted. Before smartphones, most people checked their email on the computer only. During the dial-up days, that meant waiting for your modem to make a hideous noise before logging into your email client only to discover you got one email from your grandma.

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