25 Things Every 80s Kid Will Recognize

Most decades are remembered for their historical events, unique fashions, and beliefs. However, out of all the recent decades, the 80’s seem to stand out the most with some of the weirdest but arguable the best things. From whether or not a board game is going to kill you to a program that combats drugs, it’s no wonder 80s kids look back on the 80’s with both fond nostalgia and confusion. Are you ready to do an epic throw back into a unforgettable decade? Here are 25 things every 80s kid will recognize.

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Bubble bottle necklaces were the only kind of necklace.

bubble bottle necklaces

Bubble Necklaces were all the rage for girls in the 80s. If you didn’t have bubbles at your disposal at all times, then you weren’t cool.


Rad, gnarly and tubular were totally going to have a long shelf life.

most excellent

People thought to say rad, gnarly, and tubular was a good idea. They probably also thought those words would live on forever but thankfully, they stayed dead and buried in the 80s.


The Mullet was the glistening hairstyle of the gods.


From MacGyver to Uncle Jesse on Full House, the 80s elevated the Mullet as the perfect hairstyle every guy should have. Fortunately, people changed their minds on this one.


Pogo Balls absolutely didn't make you look silly.

pogo ball

Pogo Sticks were pretty old fashioned. Stepping it up a notch, the 80’s thought it would be a great idea to redesign it into Pogo Balls. A toy perhaps even worse than the Pogo Stick.


Members Only jackets were the height of fashion.

members onlySource: http://mentalfloss.com/article/83033/how-members-only-dressed-80s

Let’s face it, in the 80’s if you weren’t a “member,” then you were failing at life. Now, of course, the opposite is true.

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