25 Things ’80s Kids Could Do That Today’s Kids Can’t

Did you know there are a many things ’80s kids could do that today’s kids can’t? The world has changed a lot since three decades ago. Technology and culture has radically altered the way we do things. What once was pretty normal is now either old fashioned, taboo, out-dated, or weird. While kids today have access to way more information and entertainment than we did, we ’80s kids had way more freedom to roam around the neighborhood unsupervised. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. From sugary cereals to access to computers, so many things were far and away different. For us ’80s kids, it was a beautiful time. For kids today, it probably will look like a foreign universe. Get ready to travel back in time, here are 25 things ’80s kids could do that today’s kids can’t.


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Experience the joys of chalk


Sure, some kids still use chalk today, but it’s rare. In the ’80s, chalk boards and chalk abounded. Kids were using it on the playgrounds, their driveways, and everywhere. Chalk is making a bit of a comeback amongst many hipsters today, likely because they remember the days of yore when chalk ruled and markers drooled.


Make their parents or grandparents ashtrays in art class


Not only have a lot of art classes disappeared, but the projects were also a bit different from what you’d see today. What’s an easy craft that also serves a purpose? An ashtray, of course! While no one was suggesting students smoke, it was almost expected that one of your parents or grandparents smoked. What says “I love you”more than enabling your elders’ smoking addiction?


Sip their parents' alcohol like it was no big deal

80s kids

Want a sip of your mom’s sangria? No problem. Have your pops or one of his friends offer you a sip of beer (or even a whole one)? Classic party shenanigans. Such was the life of ’80s kids.


Collect Garbage Pail Kids

garbage pail kids

Garbage Pail Kids were pretty much the weirdest collectors toy in the ’80s. But, guess what? It was also awesome and kids today have no idea what they missed out on.


Play dodgeball at school


Dodgeball isn’t just a game you see in the movies. It was actually played. In school. You were given participation credit for trying to slam someone with a big bouncy ball. It was awesome, unless you were the last one picked for a team. Then it kind of sucked.

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