25 Theories Of Atlantis You’ll Want To Hear

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When somebody mentions Atlantis, do you think of conspiracies? Or do you think it was a real place? Chances are, you haven’t thought about it much, but today we’re going to change that. People have been talking about Atlantis ever since Plato mentioned it. So get ready because these are 25 Theories Of Atlantis You’ll Want To Hear!


The Minoans

The Minoans

One of the most recent theories is that the Atlantis story actually mirrors the story of the Minoans, who lived on the Greek Islands thousands of years ago. At the height of their power, however, they mysteriously disappeared. Some historians have theorized that their disappearance was due to earthquake induced tsunamis. This may have led to subsequent tales of Atlantis.


Viking Bergen Island

Viking Bergen Island

This hypothetical former island between Scotland and Norway has been proposed as a possible location for Atlantis. It disappeared when the sea level rose.


The Black Sea Flood

The Black Sea flood

This theory states that the story of Atlantis is fiction but that it was inspired by real events around the Black Sea circa 5600 BC. Back then the Black Sea was about half its current size. Flooding, however, destroyed many civilizations around its shores.


Israel or Canaan

Israel or Canaan

The idea behind this theory is that Atlantis wasn’t an island at all. Rather, it was based on some lost tribe or civilization located along the eastern banks of the Mediterranean.




This well-known Italian island hasn’t escaped being labeled as a possible location for the alleged Atlantian Empire.

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