25 Terrifying Objects That Are Genuinely Linked To Freaky Paranormal Events

There are many stories of objects that are reported to be cursed or haunted. Many of these terrifying objects have brought great misfortune to their owners manifesting themselves in financial and health woes. But what’s even worse, is that some of these items claim to be linked to that which is demonic, with owners claiming to have seen demons, ghosts, and frightful sights. Are these claims real? Some would argue their not. However, when you read the stories behind these 25 terrifying objects that are genuinely linked to freaky paranormal events, you may just become a believer.

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Blarney Stone


While kissing the stone is thought to be good luck, removing any part of it has been said to lead to incredibly bad luck, such as loss of employment, financial ruin and even health misfortune.


Maori Mask


The Maori are an indigenous people in New Zealand who carved out masks and statues prior to heading into battle. According Maori beliefs, the masks house the souls of warriors who fell in battle. While the curse of the masks poses no threat to other men, women who are pregnant or currently menstruating are said to be cursed with harm or bad luck if they get near or worse touch one.


Uluru Rocks


Uluru is a giant, sacred, and majestic rock in the Australian outback that sees thousands of visitors each year. While it is illegal to take rocks out of the country, some daring tourists do so anyway. However, these daring tourists are said to experience the curse of misfortune and as a result, people regularly mail the rocks back to various Australian agencies with letters of apology.


Black Orlov


The Black Orlov diamond, also called the Eye of Brahma, was stolen from a Hindu shrine and legend says that the theft caused the item to be cursed. The diamond was passed down to multiple female owners many of whom took their own lives; two of which leapt to their deaths from tall buildings. The diamond was later bought by Charles F. Winson who cut it into three pieces in an attempt to break the curse.


Annabelle the Doll


Bought in an antique shop in 1970, a woman gave this raggedy doll to her daughter, Donna, who was in nursing school. At first, the doll seemed like any other doll. However, things started to get creepy when Donna and roommate Angie kept coming home to find the doll in different positions and different locations. In a startling turn of events, the doll began leaving them notes saying “HELP US” and as if that’s not bad enough, they also found the doll with blood on it. For obvious reasons, Lou (a guy friend of Donna and Angie) tried to get the girls to get rid of the doll. This however displeased the doll who then tried to strangle Lou via a nightmare/physical encounter. The girls eventually called Ed and Lorraine Warren, the folks who investigated the Amityville house — who decided the doll was actually a conduit to hell and was being used by a demon. After two failed exorcism attempts, the doll was encased in a specially made glass case in the Warrens’ occult museum, where it supposedly still moves.

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