25 Terrifying Objects That Are Genuinely Linked To Freaky Paranormal Events

There are many stories of objects that are reported to be cursed or haunted. Many of these terrifying objects have brought great misfortune to their owners manifesting themselves in financial and health woes. But what’s even worse, is that some of these items claim to be linked to that which is demonic, with owners claiming to have seen demons, ghosts, and frightful sights. Are these claims real? Some would argue their not. However, when you read the stories behind these 25 terrifying objects that are genuinely linked to freaky paranormal events, you may just become a believer.

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Most of us are familiar with the Elmo dolls. Since 1996 these dolls have been a massively popular holiday present bringing joy to many children around the world. However, one particular Elmo was not so cheerful to say the least. In 2008, two-year-old James Bowman was the proud owner of an “Elmo Knows Your Name” doll which as the name implies could be programmed to say its owner’s name. This particular doll however, not only said the owner’s name, but also added the words “kill” before it. Literally, the doll would chant “kill James” repeatedly until the mother decided to remove the doll from the home.


The Hope Diamond


Believed to be over 1.1 billion years old, this gem is estimated to be worth $200-250 million and resides at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. This cursed object supposedly causes great misfortune and misery to whoever wears it. One wearer was even said to have been ripped apart by dogs, and another by a French mob.


The Busby Stoop Chair


This chair was supposedly cursed by the English drunkard and murderer Thomas Busby before he was executed for murdering his father-in-law Daniel Auty in 1702 whom he supposedly strangled for sitting in his favorite chair. The story goes that whoever sits upon this chair will supposedly die from a frightful accident, and there are many deaths to support this claim.


The Crying Boy Painting


Another cursed object out of England comes from the popular 1950s reproduction of Bruno Amadio’s “The Crying Boy” painting. It’s believed the pictures of this mournful child cause fires thanks to an article from the tabloid The Sun from September 4th, 1985 where a couple’s house burned down and left “The Crying Boy” painting untouched. A local firefighter then noted that there were other fires that left only an undamaged “Crying Boy” painting as well.


The Hands Resist Him Painting


Painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972, “The Hands Resist Him” belonged to actor John Marley before ending up on eBay in 2000 with claims it was cursed. The anonymous sellers said it was found abandoned behind an old brewery. Soon after taking it home, their daughter claimed the figures in the painting moved at night, and even stepped out of their frame. They posted photos as proof.

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