25 Terrifying Dating App Stories That Are Actually True

Can you recall the worst date you’ve ever been on from a dating app? Was your date too talkative, or perhaps not talkative enough? Maybe they had poor table manners, differing political views, or perhaps there was just no connection.

Every day, millions of people scroll through dating apps such as Tinder or OkCupid to find love or have a simple fling. While most people who use these apps have pure intentions, others have more sinister plans.

Some people have used dating apps to con people out of money or even to take another person’s life. We’ve heard stories about people who have killed their date because they got rejected for a second date. One sad story involves a guy who killed his date while her son hid, terrified.

We at List25 urge you to be careful when using a dating app. Always meet in public at first. Never go to a stranger’s house. Be sure to tell somebody where you are going to be. And if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, it’s your right to end the date.

Without further intro, here are 25 Terrifying Dating App Stories.


A Vicious Hate Crime

tragic online datinghttps://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6367593

Michael Sandy was a 29-year-old gay man. He was going to meet up with a man he had met online, named Anthony Fortunato.

When Sandy got there, Fortunato was waiting with three other men, with the intent of robbing him. The four began to assault Sandy, who ran away to a highway and was struck by a car.


Movie Date with a Tragic Ending

movie date gone wronghttps://www.wesh.com/article/22-year-old-woman-pleads-no-contest-in-fatal-robbery/4428445

In 2011 on Christmas Eve, Ashley LeVelle met up with LaVar Watson at a movie theatre, after meeting him online.

When LaVar got into LeVelle’s car, after the movie was over, he was shot in the back by LeVelle’s accomplice, Stevin Roopnarine.


Getting a Death Sentence for Love

airport arresthttps://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/australian-grandmother-maria-exposto-sentenced-to-death-in-malaysia-20180524-p4zhch.html

Maria Exposto was arrested for carrying crystal meth at an airport. She was convinced by her online boyfriend to commit this crime.

The thing is, she was arrested in Malaysia; getting caught smuggling drugs in that country can be punishable by death. Luckily, a judge believed her when she said she was scammed.


The Happily Married Murderer

Graham Dwyerhttps://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/graham-dwyer-case

On the surface, Graham Dwyer looked like a loving family man. However, he harnessed a deep lust for murder.

In 2007, he met Elaine O’Hara online; O’Hara was a chronically depressed woman, and the two began a bondage relationship. One day, Dwyer stabbed O’Hara in the stomach and she died.


To Kill for Art


Mark Twitchell was an aspiring filmmaker and a huge fan of the television show Dexter.

In fact, he was such a fan that he pretended to be a girl online in order to get Johnny Altinger to come to his house, so he could kill him just like the lead character does on the show.

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