25 Tallest Waterfalls In The World

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You won’t believe how high the worlds tallest waterfalls are. Whether out of curiosity or scientific rigor, people have always tried to measure the heights of the worlds waterfalls but have found it difficult to compare the measurements. This is because there is no standard or consensus as to how to measure their total height and, moreover, some of the highest waterfalls are extremely difficult to access. Therefore the resulting measurements tend to be estimates. Using some of the most accepted waterfall measurements we have compiled a list of the tallest waterfalls in the world. From the Yosemite Falls in California to the famous Angel Falls in Venezuela, these are 25 Tallest Waterfalls In The World.


Avalanche Basin Falls, Montana, US - 707 m (2,320 ft)

waterfallinmontana2Source: worldwaterfalldatabase.com, image: Glacier National Park In Montana, Avalanche Basin currently not shown. No CC image available.

Located in the Glacier National Park in Montana, the Avalanche Basin Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the continental U.S. It’s fed by the northernmost part of the Sperry Glacier and dozens of tarns and snowmelt streams.


Kjeragfossen, Norway - 715 m (2,346 ft)

KjeragfossenSource: “Kjeragfossen” via Wikipedia, image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kjeragfossen

Located in a very scenic natural area in the municipality of Forsand in Rogaland County, Norway, Kjeragfossen is a plunge-style waterfall that is usually only active about 5 months of the year.


Manawainui Falls, Hawaii, US - 719 m (2,359 ft)

Hawaiifalls2Source: http://mauiguidebook.com, image: is for illustration only and is not Manawainui Falls. No CC image available.

Situated in the stunning Manawainui Valley on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, the Manawainui Falls is one of the most spectacular and tallest waterfalls in the state as well as in the world.


Olmaafossen, Norway – 720 m (2,362 ft)

somewaterfall2Source: europeanwaterfalls.com, image: is for illustration purpose only and is not Olmaafossen. No CC image available.

One of many Norwegian waterfalls on the list, Olmaafossen is situated in Raumadalen in the municipality of Rauma in Western Norway. The waterfall is fed by small lakes and glaciers but its intensity varies greatly with seasons.


Cascades de Trou de Fer, Reunion, France - 725 m (2,379 ft)

Cascades de Trou de FerSource: “Trou de Fer canyon and waterfalls” via Wikipedia, image: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Trou-de-Fer.jpg

Located in the Trou de Fer Canyon on the Reunion Island which lies off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Cascades de Trou de Fer is the tallest and most spectacular waterfalls on this French island.

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