Up-and-Coming DJs You’ll Want to Look Out For (List25)

As the Digital Age of music develops and an unfathomable number of new tracks are released each day, a DJ’s role in the music industry is becoming more and more relevant. We now live busier lives than ever, and most music fans are only capable of exploring a small fraction of the music out there. This is where a DJ’s skills come into play — they do all the exhaustive research, find the latest and greatest new music, and then let listeners discover it all via a 5-minute track. DJs are no longer simply electronic musicians remixing other artists’ songs, but they are the curators of music in this unprecedented age of musical growth and experimentation.

While there are thousands of truly talented DJ’s out there, today I bring you a few that are not only worth your time, but also worth following to see what they continue to put out. Please keep in mind this list is not ranked and is nowhere near exhaustive. Consider it a small sampling. Are you ready? Here are Up-and-Coming DJs You’ll Want to Look Out For.

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San Holo

san holohttps://www.billboard.com, https://sanholo.com/

Hailing from the Netherlands, Sander van Dijck, aka San Holo, is definitely someone you want to take a listen to and follow. In fact, Billboard Dance just named his recently released album, “Album1,” the second best dance album of the year. If you haven’t listened to his new album, you might remember him from his hit single, “Light.” He also founded the music label Bitbird and uses personally recorded sounds from nature and guitar riffs to compliment his tracks.

Tracks to listen to: “Light,” “Always on My Mind”




Matthew Martin from the UK, aka KAASI, got his start riding the waves of SoundCloud and also touring Europe with ODESZA. His music is super mellow, but it also adds a certain ambiance that makes it good background music for when you’re working on a work or school project or eating at a fancy restaurant that serves high-class entrées.

Tracks to listen to:
“Who You Are,” “Those Days”


Alex Lustig

alex lustighttps://mixmag.net/feature/impact-alex-lustig

What I really enjoy about this artist is his wide diversity of sounds within his sub-genre. He has the light and airy melodies you might expect with a few more industrial sounds thrown in from time to time as well. In fact, this Juno nominated artist has a strong background in hip-hop, working with other artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Young Thug, and Hoodie Allen (among others). Take a listen to the tracks listed below, and you’ll quickly see he doesn’t limit himself to specific sounds.

Tracks to listen to: “Sense,” “Under Pressure,” & “In the End”




Imagine selling out every single show in your debut headlining tour in the U.S. That’s exactly what Kasbo did. Also touring with ODESZA, this Swedish producer and artist has slowly led to an epic build up as evidenced by making it to Best of the Week on Apple Music some 170+ instances. Billboard Dance has also flagged him as One to Watch. Bottom line, you should check out his music.

Tracks to Listen to: “About You,” “The Voice Says”




There’s something about Shallou’s ambient yet poppy beats that’s pretty soul-cleansing. It gives you that feeling of slow awakening on rainy day when you don’t have to go to work and can stay in your sweat pants all day and sip hot coffee. You know what’s also pretty cool? He’s big into saving our planet. Currently, if you donate to the Environmental Defense Fund through his website, you’ll get a free EP download.

Tracks to Listen to: “You and Me” “Begin”  (Bonus: “Find” with Kasbo & Cody Lovaas)

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