25 Survival Techniques for a Hard Breakup To Make You Feel Better Quickly

Posted by , Updated on October 11, 2022

Breakups can be difficult. When you are romantically involved with someone for a long time, and then (what seems like suddenly) they are gone, it can be a lot to deal with.

People break up all the time, and for different reasons. It could be that one of the partners feels like there is no love anymore or the relationship went cold. Or perhaps there was a betrayal of trust. When a breakup happens, it’s natural to get depressed and hide from the world. Some folks might even engage in self-destructive behavior, but we can suggest some better, healthier ideas.

If you are going through a breakup, and want some ideas of how to cope, here are 25 Ways to Survive A Hard Break Up.


Block Them on Social Media


Don’t have any contact with them at all. Don’t like any pictures. Don’t write to see how they’re doing.

Just pull the plug and block all contact on all social media sites. It will be hard at first, but worth it. You’ll heal faster when you’re not constantly reminded of your broken relationship.


Take up Kickboxing


Not only will you release the anger you may be feeling, but you can kick and punch things (and pretend it’s your ex if you need to).

You won’t go to jail for assault, and – bonus! – you can lose weight.


Write a Hate Letter to Your Ex


When you write a letter to someone, you end up saying a lot more than when you talk. So, get all those feelings out on paper.

Tell them how hurt you feel. Call them all the names in the book. It’s a freeing experience, but you aren’t going to send the letter.

(We know, what the heck, right?) The trick is, just writing the letter will release some of that pain.


Go Out with Friends


You might have neglected some of your friends while you were with your significant other. Now is the time to restrengthen those friendships.

It may feel weird at first, but great friends will be there for you. Go out with them, have dinner, or go dancing.


Have a Cry Fest


Crying is good for the soul. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

However, it will probably be easier if you don’t do it randomly in the middle of a grocery store. But, in your home, let the tears flow.


See a Professional


There is no time limit on pain. Some people heal faster than others.

So, if you find yourself being unable to get out of the funk, go talk to a therapist. They will be completely unbiased and might offer some helpful insight on the situation.


Don't "Trash Talk" Your Ex


It’s natural to harbor resentments against an ex. But, it’s best to keep these feelings to yourself as much as possible. It’s good to do this for a couple of reasons.

When you trash-talk someone, you come across as bitter. After a while, it makes you look bad. The other reason is that the more negatively you talk, the more negative you become.


Don't Try to be "Friends"


You will be tempted to stay friends with your ex, and maybe one day in the future you will be able to.

But, you need time to heal first. If they try to call you or write to you, firmly tell them you need time to be alone.


Take an Educational Class


It doesn’t matter what the class is, as long as it takes your mind off of the breakup.

So, tackle a new language, learn how to make a killer cheesecake, or perhaps go back to school full time and get a degree.


Go to a Smash Room


A smash room is a place full of, glass windows, and bottles where you get to take a bat and go crazy smashing the glass.

It’s a great way to release that anger, and the best part is you won’t get arrested for the destruction of private property.


Start Exercising


Exercising has been scientifically proven to not only be good for us physically but emotionally as well.

In fact, exercise releases endorphins that activate the feel-good receptors in your brain.




How does the saying go? “Laughter is the best medicine.” Scroll down Netflix and watch some stand-up comedy or binge-watch your favorite sitcom.

When you’re laughing, you’re probably not depressed and crying … and that’s a good thing.


Don't Beat Yourself Up


It’s normal to look back at the relationship and wonder what you did wrong, or what they did wrong. But, don’t. You’re only torturing yourself.

Instead, use this as an opportunity to grow. If you think there are things you can change about yourself, it’s not too late.


Get a New Look


Yes! Go all out, get a new look, a new wardrobe, and a new hairstyle.

You need a new look to match your new personality. When you look good, you feel good.


Clean Your Living Space


Get rid of all the useless junk in your house. Toss old pictures of you and your former partner.

Don’t cling to the past. If your living domain is full of clutter, then your heart probably is, too. Grab the broom and mop, and get moving.


Keep Yourself Busy


While you are going through all the feelings that come with a breakup, it will help if you keep your mind occupied. It may be difficult but it’s important.

The busier you are, the less likely you are to be in your head, and that is not a good place.


Get Some Sleep


Your brain will try to criticize you and tell you all the ways that you failed. Tell it to shut up, and get some sleep.

Like exercise, sleep heals the body and brain. (You may even get to have some revenge dreams.)


Get New Sheets


If you lived together with your partner, their scent is going to be in the house, especially in the bedroom. Take the sheets off the bed, and burn them!

Okay, maybe just donate them. Then go buy some new ones.


Listen to Music


Do you have a favorite band? Then put your headphones on and listen.

If you want to hear some depressing breakup music, be our guest. How you deal with pain is your business, but music is great for the soul.


Play with Some Dogs


Dogs are great! They’re loyal, loving, and playful.

It’s nearly impossible to be sad when a cute doggie is licking your face. If you own a dog already, then you’re all set. Or you could go and adopt one.


Keep a Journal


Write every day about how you are feeling. You can use your journal to put down your feelings about the breakup, and perhaps where you want to go from here.

You may surprise yourself and come up with a killer poem or a new business idea.




It will be difficult to sit quietly and meditate at first. But it will do wonders for your mental health.

The thing about meditation is that there are many ways to do it. Whether you sit in silence and close your eyes, or you read an inspiring quote and reflect on it, it’s still meditation.


Take Things Slowly


You might be tempted to start a new relationship with a new person right away. Many people do this to try and fill a void.

Get to know somebody first; go on some dates and feel the waters. Don’t jump into a serious relationship too soon.


Go on Dates


To continue off the last post, go on dates when you’re ready. You can meet somebody pretty much anywhere.

Talk to that cute person in your kickboxing class, or sign up for a profile on a dating site. You may or may not meet the person of your dreams, but still get out there.




When it comes down to it, people break up all the time, it’s life. This person just wasn’t the right person for you.

You can do all the things on the list, but if you can’t accept the fact that it’s over, then none of this other stuff matters. If you can accept it, though, you can move on and find peace.

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