25 Surprisingly Wise Quotes from Kids That’ll Inspire You

Have you ever heard wise quotes from kids and felt inspired? Kids have a way of saying things in just the right way. “Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children,” says Oliver Wendell Holmes, American author and poet. Children do have a way with words. The things they say may be surprising because they see life from a different point of view. They have little bias because they have yet to be tainted by the real world. Of course, it’s said they are our future. But, most of society ignores them and casts them aside. But, they should be accepted and listened to. You may be surprised how much they have to say. Here are 25 surprisingly Wise Quotes from kids That’ll inspire you.




My daddy works so much because he loves me.

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Working hard for your family is a labor of love. Brandon, age 3, knows that his parents are working so they can take care of him their family.


I felt like today was going to be a bad Valentine's Day...since I don't have a man. But it was actually a pretty good day!

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Hannah, age 6, understands you don’t need a man on Valentine’s Day to feel loved. Having friends and family around that love and adore you is what it’s all about. Besides you will soon see that Valentine’s Day is everyday when you are with someone you love.


Mom, you know what? When people die, they're up in the stars. They're the shape of the stars.

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Life after death has been a conversation sinse the being of time. Where do our loved ones go when they die? Harrison, age 3, has the answer. They become the stars that shine on us, our guardians,  making sure we are all okay.


Sometimes I like to listen to Taylor Swift in my room and cry about cats that have died.

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Being in touch with your emotions will help you in the long run Hannah, age 6. It’s okay to sit in your room and cry sometimes, especially if  you have something built up in your heart. Handling your emotions in a heathy way is a life skill that not even some adults have fully got down.


In my heart, I'm still little.

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Jackson, age 9, knows the secret to staying forever young. Being silly and having fun isn’t only for kids. In your heart, you can always keep a piece your inner child.

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