25 Surprisingly Satisfying Facts About Coffee

Posted by , Updated on September 3, 2014


Coffee has been around for centuries and is one the most popular drinks in the world. Many people are literally coffee-addicted and cannot function without this scented beverage. But do you really know your coffee? To make sure you do, check out these 25 little known facts about coffee.

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Coffee is a national drink of Ethiopia where coffee drinking is a ritualized ceremony that generally takes at least one hour.

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100 cups of coffee could be lethal for a human. Having that much caffeine in your system could lead to a heart attack or seizure.

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Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, right after oil.

www.king-coffee.com coffee_map[1]www.king-coffee.com

Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most famous baroque composer and musician, loved coffee so much that he voiced his affection for this beverage in a cantata. With libretto by Christian Friedrich Henrici, the Kaffeekantate was first performed in Leipzig, Germany, between 1732 and 1735.

www.overallpicture.com Bach_CoffeeCantata-02-7www.overallpicture.com

The Guinness-recognized "oldest cat ever" Creme Puff, who lived to be 38 years old and died in 2005, drank coffee. Her owner fed her coffee every morning along with bacon, eggs and broccoli.

pets.webmd.com jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_looking_at_coffeepets.webmd.com

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