25 Surprisingly Satisfying Facts About Coffee

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Coffee has been around for centuries and is one the most popular drinks in the world. Many people are literally coffee-addicted and cannot function without this scented beverage. But do you really know your coffee? To make sure you do, check out these 25 little known facts about coffee.

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All world coffee is grown within 1000 miles of the equator, from the Tropic of Cancer, to the Tropic of Capricorn, in an area known as the "bean belt“. 80% of it is produced on family farms of just 12 acres or less.

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Instant coffee was invented by George Washington. Not the American president but a businessman of Anglo-Belgian origin by this name invented the instant coffee process and found a company to mass-produce it in 1906.

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The coffee "Americano" comes from when American soldiers in WWII would order their espresso reduced with water because it was too strong for them.

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The two most common sources of coffee beans are the Coffea arabica, and the robusta form of the hardier Coffea canephora. Arabica makes up 70% and robusta 30% of the world coffee consumption. Robusta has 50% more caffeine than Arabica.

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A global phenomenon, the 16-ounce coffee at Starbucks contains the caffeine equivalent of 9.5 cans of Coke.

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