25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations

Our latest list: 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations! Every now and then, a mutant is born in the animal kingdom. Some of them occur naturally, while others might be man-made, achieved to serve a greater purpose.

Regardless of the cause, genetically mutated animals are interesting freaks of nature, and they definitely deserve our attention. To show you some of the most remarkable mutated animals, we compiled this list with 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.

Note: All of the mutant animals featured in this post occurred naturally, most of them probably due to the increasing environmental pollution, which is just another sad indicator how drastically planet Earth’s health is worsening.


Fish with Three Eyes

Fish with three eyesSource: dailymail.co.uk

This three-eyed catfish was caught by a fisherman in the Gowanus Canal in New York City in 2015. The Gowanus Canal is considered one of the most polluted water bodies in the US and it probably was the extreme contamination that caused this mutation.


Sheep with Six Legs

Sheep with six legs Source: mirror.co.uk

Not just one but two six-legged lambs were born on an organic farm in the UK. The owner of the farm, Simon Benett, said that no scientists were involved in the event.


Turtle with Two Heads

Turtle with two headsSource: mirror.co.uk

A farmer was left in shock after a two-headed turtle was born at his farm in the Jiangxi Province of China. Despite its abnormal appearance, the turtle was able to move around freely, and both heads were said to have a healthy appetite.


Yellow Lobster

Yellow lobster Source: abcnews.go.com

An extremely rare yellow lobster was caught and sold to a New York City restaurant in 2016. The unusual coloration was caused by a genetic mutation that has an occurrence of just 1 in 30 million.


Pig with Penis on Its Head

Pig with penis on its head Source: mirror.co.uk

This pig mutant with human-like face and penis-like growth on its forehead was captured in China. It is believed that environmental pollution caused this terrifying deformity.

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