25 Surprising Things Rich People Buy That Will Probably Shock You

Posted by , Updated on August 19, 2016

You may realize that there are some rich people in the world. You may be vaguely aware that there are some really rich people in your general vicinity. You may even be one of those rich people. In fact, by the end of this list, you will know exactly which category you fall into. If you read this list, and you keep asking yourself what sort of person wouldn’t have a heated driveway, then you almost certainly fall into the rich category. If, on the other hand, you read this list, and you don’t recognize a single thing, or the items on this list just seem downright ludicrous, then you probably fall into the not-so-rich category. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of wealthy people who don’t do the whole heated driveway thing. We realize that being rich doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. And if that’s you…mad props. But generally speaking, if you’re rich, you do as the rich do.

Now, speaking to those of you in the not-so-rich camp, get ready to have your minds slightly contorted as you witness what the rich people do with their extra cash. These are 25 Surprising Things Rich People Buy That Will Probably Shock You!

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Featured Image: Pictures of Money via Flickr


Multiple copies of the same thing

Multiple copies of the same thingImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Phones, TV’s, cars…who needs insurance when you can just buy three of the same thing?


Fine art insurance

Fine art insuranceImage: pexels, Source: reddit

Supposedly this counts not just for natural disasters but for social disturbances and riots as well. They have your artwork covered. (see Chubb Insurance)


Private lessons from pro-athletes or other famous people

Private lessons from pro athletes or other famous peopleImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Pretty much just to say they did.


Valet parking keys

Valet parking keysImage: pexels, Source: reddit

They won’t let your car go above a certain speed.

Note: Truly rich people with $150,000 cars will hand the keys over to a valet like it’s nothing, because to them…it’s not. They’ll just get another car. It’s usually the fakers with $80,000 Corvettes that they couldn’t afford who buy valet keys.


Theme parks for a day

Theme parks for a dayImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Imagine how spoiled you would be if your parents did this for your birthday.


The I Am Rich App

Buy the I Am Rich appSource: mashable

It’s an app that used to cost $999.99 but did absolutely nothing. Not surprisingly, it was quickly removed from the app store.


Books by the foot to make your home library look better

Buying books by the foot to make your home library look betterImage: wikipedia, Source: nytimes

The Strand in New York does this. The books are usually old encyclopedias that you would never read. But they have really nice spines.


A car just for the weekend

A car just for the weekendImage: pexels, Source: reddit

It’s either antique, luxury, or sport.


Famous people

Famous peopleImage: Christian Haugen via Flickr, Source: reddit

Usually to make an appearance at a party or dinner of some sort.


Etiquette School

Etiquette SchoolImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

If you’re going to have that much money, you should obviously act like a lady or gentleman.


Personalized hotel rooms

Personalized hotel roomsImage: wikipedia, Source: forbes

When rich people check out of a hotel, the staff will sometimes go in and inventory everything, take pictures, and then set the room up exactly as the rich person wants it.


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Professional picture hangers

picture hangersImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Because when you have a thousand pictures…


Kidnapping Insurance

Kidnapping InsuranceImage: Paul Sableman via Flickr, Source: reddit

You never know how much the ransom will be.


Accountants (emphasis on the plural)

Use accountantsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Turbo Tax is hard when you have 10 K-1’s. Besides, Turbo Tax won’t find the “loopholes” or stash your money in an account down in Panama.


Gentleman's A's

Gentleman's AsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Technically this isn’t something you buy…rich students just get them. Or they ask for them.


Car shipping

Car shippingImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

As in, “I want to take my private jet to Greece, but I want my Ferrari to be waiting for me when I arrive.”


Taxis that look like ambulances on the outside to avoid traffic

Rent taxis that look like ambulances on the outside to avoid trafficSource: autoblog.com, Source: dailymail

There were even protests against rich people doing this in Moscow.


Ha-ha walls

Ha-ha wallsImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Basically hidden walls that keep your horses out of your garden.


Vertu phones

Vertu phonesImage: youtube, Source: wikipedia

These are hand-made phones for rich people that most people have never even heard of (~$20,000). To make you poor folks feel better though, the phones are actually a joke in terms of technical specifications. They just look nice. Supposedly.


Chocolates that don't have a diagram explaining what you're eating

Chocolates that don't have a diagram explaining what you're eatingImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Chocolates with diagrams are for poor folks.


Rent disabled people at Disney World to skip lines

Rent disabled people at Disney World to skip linesImage: pixabay, Source: businessinsider

The theme park has since taken measures to stop this.


Rides to space

Rides to spaceImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

For $20 million you can get a ride to the International Space Station.


Nothing that you wouldn't buy (only applies to some extremely rich people)

Nothing that you wouldn't buy (only applies to some extremely rich people)Image: wikipedia, Source: reddit

We’re including this on our list because some of the richest people in the world drive cars that would make them look like hillbillies. In fact, in many cases, it’s the young new money (athletes, actors, etc) that live the flashy lives.


Employment practices liability

Employment practices liabilityImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

This is for when people who work on your estate (servants, etc) accuse you of sexual harassment.


Poor people

Poor peopleSource: reddit

Take this however you want.

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