25 Surprising Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

This may not come as a surprise but there are secrets hotels don’t want you to know. Hotels have a charge for everything, and we guests want to save and use all of our benefits. So if you want to know some good hotel secrets keep reading. From unregistered hotel guests and water bottles to hotel death statistics and dirty floors, these are 25 Surprising Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know.

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You can check who is staying in a particular hotel.


If you call a receptionist asking to speak to Mr/Ms/Mrs they will most likely transfer your call or let you know if that person is staying there.


You can’t be thrown in jail over an unpaid hotel bill.

24. Jail

However, you might have to go to civil court to settle the payments or deal with debt collectors, either one is still a loss.


Most hotels are used to commit suicide.

23. Suicide

Locals that don’t want their family finding them dead will often commit suicide in a hotel near their home. It may be tragic, but it’s also the truth.


You can make last minute cancellations without being charged a fee.

22 cancel

Instead of asking to cancel the reservation, ask if you can reschedule to the next week then call the next day asking to cancel, free of charge.


You can have unregistered guests.

21 list

Most hotels charge the same rate if there are one or two people in a room, so if you bring a guest but only reserve for one person you won’t be charged.

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