25 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive You Won’t Believe

You can find bacteria everywhere. In fact, there are more bacteria on Earth than stars in the universe. It takes 20 minutes for a bacterium to split into two (if the conditions are favorable). This means, in about eight hours, one bacterium can multiply into 16,777,216 bacteria.

Bacteria can be found on rocks, in oceans, soil, and even arctic snow. Many of them live on various other organisms, including on us.   

It’s a common belief that bacteria are present only in places that look dirty. However, bacteria can be found in seemingly clean places as well. You will be surprised to find out about the places bacteria flourish. While not all bacteria are harmful, and some can actually be beneficial to your health, there are numerous disease-causing bacteria. 

In this list, we will teach you about 25 surprising places bacteria thrive you won’t believe! As an added bonus we’ve also included ways you can combat all this bacteria buildup.

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