25 Surprising Facts About Tattoos That You Probably Didn’t Know

Today’s list presents 25 Surprising Facts About Tattoos That You Probably Didn’t Know! There’s no doubt that we live in one of the most progressive eras in history. Our society is more open to different cultures and trends than ever before.

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they haven’t always been viewed negatively. In certain societies, tattoos symbolized something sacred or even honorable. Nowadays, many people see tattoos as works of art or as a way to enhance one’s beauty.

Still, there are those who see them in a dark light. In their minds, tattoos represent prison life, gangs, drug use, and racist organizations among other bad things. So, are you one of those people who want to get a tattoo but are skeptical about it? The following 25 Surprising Facts About Tattoos That You Probably Didn’t Know will enlighten you enough to make the right decision.

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In Ancient Egypt women loved tattoos


Designs that apparently represent tattoos are seen on paintings of both men and women in Egyptian art and statues. However, all the tattooed Egyptian mummies discovered to date are female.

Egyptologists believe these designs were symbols of fertility, virginity, and/or rejuvenation.


But Tommy Lee loves them even more


Rock star Tommy Lee grabbed a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 2007. How is that related to our list you wonder? Well, he became the first man to be tattooed in midair during a private flight to Miami.


Pamela Anderson made tattoos "cool"


Speaking of Tommy Lee, his ex-wife Pamela Anderson has a history with tattoos too. Actually, she was responsible for the rise in popularity of tattoo armbands in the late ’90’s. How? She was the first celebrity to bear one on Baywatch.


British and Russian royalty approved tattoos


From the middle of the eighteenth century till the early twentieth, tattoos were particularly popular with English and Russian royalty. They were so expensive that only the rich could afford them. When tattoos became more affordable, they started to be deemed “trashy” until the tattoo renaissance in the mid-twentieth century.


Yakuza's full-body suits

Marukin_at_Sanja_Matsuri_3 (1)https://www.amazon.com/Tattoo-History-Source-Book/dp/1890451061

Many gang members will have an “honorable” tattoo of their affiliation somewhere on their body. However, the title for the most famous of all criminal tattoos goes to the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza.

Its remembers are “legally to blame” (among other things) for the popularization of the full-body suit tattoos. 

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