25 Sure Signs Of Maturity That We All Need Reminding Of Sometimes

Posted by , Updated on November 15, 2017

Although we all have to (or at least should) reach some stage of maturity by the time we are adults, it isn’t always easy to remember the lessons we’ve learned throughout life that brought us to where we are. Sometimes it can be useful to review. These are 25 sure signs of maturity that we all need reminding of sometimes.

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Not venting on social media about personal business

social mediaImage: pixabay.com

Self control, not grabbing for attention, and handling negative situations appropriately are all things that kids are typically very bad at. Why? Because these things require maturity, which is often gained only through experience.


The realization that your parents are flawed human beings and forgiving them for it

parentImage: pixabay.com

This is directed more towards the teenagers in the room.



flossImage: pixabay.com

Seriously though, you have to be mature to actually remember this.


Taking into account the affect your actions have on others

handshakeImage: pixabay.com/

Being selfish and only considering how your actions will effect you is the height of immaturity.


Not getting upset over trivial things

spilled milkImage: pixabay.com

As they saying goes, “there’s no sense in getting upset over spilled milk.” Mature people realize what is important in life and pick their battles wisely.


Doing the right thing for the right reasons even if it involves sacrifice

touchImage: pixabay.com

Just doing the right thing isn’t necessarily a sign of maturity. You can save an orphan just so that other people think you’re altruistic. It’s the right thing to do, but you’re still very immature. Saving an orphan for the sole purpose of doing the right thing…that is mature.


Letting someone else have the last word

i am rightImage: pixabay.com

Realizing that arguments aren’t about who talks last takes a very mature human indeed.


Empathy and the understanding that everybody has their own emotions, beliefs, and experiences

globeImage: pixabay.com

Understanding that everybody is not like you requires a lot of awareness about the world. Taking that a step further – understanding that this isn’t a bad thing – requires, well, maturity.


More thinking and less talking

thinkingImage: pixabay.com

Also, listen. It’s important for almost every relationship in your life.


Focusing on being a good person rather than looking like a good person

volunteerImage: pixabay.com

This is huge. It basically means wrestling your pride into submission and doing things that you know you may not get credit for.


The ability to brush off insults and not hold a grudge

keep moving forwardImage: Steve Worsethandetroit via Flickr

Holding grudges is childish. Don’t be dominated by your emotions. Let reason win and move on.


Making room when someone is trying to merge into your traffic lane

trafficImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Not being a jerk is a sure sign of maturity.


Knowing when to stop spending time with people

stopImage: pixabay.com

Some people just aren’t good for you. You have to be able to identify those people and avoid them.


Not getting embarrassed about necessary purchases, like toilet paper

toilet paperImage: pixabay.com

This may sound silly, but there are actually adults out there who are ashamed of buying toilet paper.


Being able to delay gratification

clockImage: pixabay.com

Many people would rather take the easy road now instead of working hard for something better later. If you want to be mature, you have to take the hard road.


Booking your own dentist appointment

dentist lampImage: pixabay.com

So this is directed more towards the younger crowd, but taking responsibility for your own health and daily schedule is a huge step towards being a mature adult.


Being willing to change your opinion on something when presented with new information

changeImage: pixabay.com

This requires a lot of humility; something that doesn’t come easily with immaturity standing in the way.


Being able to be relied on rather than relying on others

independenceImage: commons.wikimedia.org

This can be summed up in one word – independence.


Not getting upset when you are not liked

thumbs downImage: pixabay.com

Maturity is realizing that what other people think doesn’t usually matter.


Being able to not talk about your accomplishments simply because an opportunity presents itself

silenceImage: pixabay.com

Self-control is a virtue.


Recognizing your flaws and working on improving them

upgradeImage: pixabay.com

A mature person isn’t discouraged by their flaws. They see them as challenges that can be overcome.


Not making excuses and owning up to your failures

no excusesImage: pixabay.com

It means that you are willing to change things, and you aren’t just concerned about your own well-being.


Letting conversations go before they turn into arguments

argumentImage: pixabay.com

Generally speaking, knowing when to let things go is a critical life skill.


Doing things that scare you because you have to do them out of responsibility

responsibilityImage: JPhotoStyle.com

This can be anything…from going to school in the morning to running into a burning building to save somebody.


Being able to consider points of view that you disagree with

points of viewImage: pixabay.com

This is actually quite an advanced skill that requires a lot of compassion, intelligence, and reason. American politics would be an incredible example of adults having failed to learn this lesson.

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