25 Superpowers You Wish You Had

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What are the superpowers you wish you had? Wait. Don’t answer that yet. It’s flying, right? Definitely, flying. I think at some point we’ve all dreamed of becoming superheroes. Bouncing around the globe and saving people’s lives is charitable, but it also comes with a lot of fame. In some ways, maybe the recognition is what we’re really after. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It seems unlikely that there’d be a lot of crime fighting to do, anyway. The world has gotten a lot safer since superhero comics debuted in the 1940’s. Those guys mostly fought super villains, and in this fake scenario, what are the chances multiple people get powers? We’ve seen all the ways that superpowers can be useful in stopping the bad guys, but the best unnatural abilities would honestly be the ones that make normal life easier. Things that help you relax more, and maybe make you a little fame and fortune. It’s time to fantasize with these 25 Superpowers you wish you had.

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Superhuman Intelligence


At face value, this seems like the most useful power on the list. You could be a wealthy doctor or engineer without having to spend six to eight years in school. Those jobs still take a lot of work though. If you could get on “Jeopardy” you could have an insane run, but that’s still harder than winning the lottery. I’m still giving the “most useful” award to precognition.


Mind Control

mind control

Another power that would only be extremely useful if you’re willing to hold yourself to a loose moral standard. Life would be pretty great if you could convince banks to give you all their money, and your boss to give you every promotion. I’d personally mind control a movie studio into producing my “Van Helsing” sequel.


Force Field


Do you guys have that problem where you always leave your umbrella at home on rainy days because it doesn’t even look like it’s going to rain until you already left the house? Force fields would fix that problem. That’s the only non-crime fighting use I can think of. Maybe you don’t wish you had this. 25 is a lot of points. Are you sure you guys always want 25?




You know what wastes a lot of time? Opening doors. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could just barrel through walls, unimpeded till you got to your desired location. You could write a novel. You could at least read a novel. I haven’t clocked it, but I’m almost sure it would save a lot of time.




I saved this one for last, because it’s probably the first thing you thought of, and I wanted you to go through the whole list. Flying looks cool. You’d get an awesome new perspective on the planet, and you’d avoid a lot of traffic and air travel fees. The only way flying wouldn’t be the coolest power is if it worked like the dream I keep having where I have to flap my arms to stay airborne. I get tired really fast and would just end up staying on the ground.

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