25 Superpowers You Wish You Had

Posted by , Updated on October 19, 2016


Admit it – there are superpowers you wish you had. At some point in your life, you’ve run around the house in a cape, or at least thought about doing it. Don’t worry. No judgment here. There’s just something fascinating about superheroes that captures the imaginations of young and old alike. It’s fun to envision how different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own. Whether you’re a diehard superhero fan who attended the midnight premiere of “The Avengers” or you only know a little bit about superheroes, you’ve probably wished you had one of these 25 superpowers.

OK, so you want these superpowers…however, have you thought about the possibility that with such powers comes great inconvenience? After reading about these 25 superpowers that would actually be super inconvenient, you might end up reconsidering.



Bat and echolocationImage: Shutterstock

If you had the power of echolocation, you’d know be able to locate objects by using sound waves like a bat. You would never lose a game of Marco Polo and always be able track down villains even if you can’t see them.


Time Manipulation

time manipulationImage: Shutterstock

Ever wished you could turn back the clock? With the power of time manipulation, you can! Awkward moments would never happen, all-nighters wouldn’t be necessary, and good times would last longer with this convenient superpower.


Superhuman Agility

Handsome guy jumping over a fenceImage: Shutterstock

Not even Chuck Norris would stand a chance against you if you had the power of superhuman agility. Your lightning-fast reaction time, great flexibility, and excellent jumping capacity would definitely give you the upper hand during battle.


Talking to Animals

Young girl talking to dogImage: Shutterstock

Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? If you could talk to animals, you’d be able to talk to cats, dogs, armadillos or any other random animal that happened to cross your path.



immortalityImage: Shutterstock

If you were immortal, you could live forever and be the oldest person on earth. Young fools would flock to you seeking wisdom and guidance – they’d probably believe anything you said. You would also have no need for a bucket list because you’d have the rest of eternity to have fun.

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