25 Super Weird Japanese Foods

People from different cultures all have widely different tastes and standard meals. Some cultures eat spicy food, while others keep it bland and simple. Still, even the most adventurous of eaters might find that Japan has some of the weirdest foods on the planet. Sushi is just the tip of the iceberg. From eating insects to devouring tripe, Japan’s recipes are certainly creative. Curious to find out what else they’ve concocted? Here are 25 Super Weird Japanese Foods.

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shiokaraSource: https://fastjapan.com/en/p111604

Usually served as an appetizer, Shiokara is tiny bits of salted and fermented squid that’s pickled in its own viscera. If you’re wondering what viscera is, we’ll tell you. It’s the creature’s innards.


Dancing Squid

squidSource: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/12/dancing-squid-dead-cuttlefish-soy-sauce_n_2663377.html

One dish served in Japan involves putting a small squid on top of a rice bowl. When the chef pours soy sauce on the squid, it appears the squid comes back to life and starts dancing. Of course, it’s not a resurrected squid but a reaction caused by the sodium chloride in the soy sauce.


Inago no Tsukudani

Inago_no_tsukudaniSource: https://www.tofugu.com/japan/eating-bugs/

As an afternoon snack, the Japanese like to have Inago no Tsukudani, or rice grasshoppers cooked in soy sauce. Bug-eating is very common in Japan, and other insects they eat include bee larvae, giant water bugs, and ants.



nakotsuSource: https://awol.junkee.com/5-things-i-thought-id-never-eat-until-i-ate-them-in-tokyo/143

Nankotsu means “chicken cartilage” and is actually a separate food item for the Japanese. You know, rather than the thing you get rid of when you’re eating a chicken wing at KFC.



takoyakiSource: https://www.justonecookbook.com/takoyaki-recipe/

A popular food on the streets of Osaka is Takoyaki, also known as Octopus Balls. They are also called Octopus Dumplings and are fried with batter and served with takoyaki sauce.

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