25 Super Smart Prodigies Who Have Trouble Doing Everyday Things

Posted by , Updated on January 22, 2014


Often times really, exceptionally good at one specific cognitive skill (like math or music), prodigies are not always very functional in society and might not even be able to tie their own shoes. These are 25 super smart prodigies who have trouble doing everyday things.

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Matt Savage

amazing savants

Another musical wunderkind, Matt never received any classical training but he is the only child to ever sign a contract with Bösendorfer pianos.


Gottfried Mind

amazing savants

This Swiss savant could draw. More specifically, he could draw cats. And draw them he did. He even came to be fondly known as the “Raphael of Cats” due to his peculiar ability.


James Charles Castle

amazing savants

Born in Idaho, James spent most of his days making incredible art out of random trash. For pencils he used sharpened sticks, soot, and saliva.


Ellen Boudreaux

amazing savants

Without looking at a clock she can tell you the time down to the second, she’s memorized almost every song ever written, and because she’s blind she get around using echolocation by making chirping noises.


George Widener

amazing savants

He grew up in a homeless shelter due to a lack of understanding of autism. Eventually, however, he found a release for his incredible mathematical mind through art.

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