25 Super Smart Prodigies Who Have Trouble Doing Everyday Things

Posted by , Updated on January 22, 2014


Often times really, exceptionally good at one specific cognitive skill (like math or music), prodigies are not always very functional in society and might not even be able to tie their own shoes. These are 25 super smart prodigies who have trouble doing everyday things.

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Derek Paravicini

amazing savants

Possibly one of the most technically talented musicians to ever play a piano, he can barely button his own shirt.


Temple Grandin

amazing savants

A professor at Colorado State University, her superhuman eye for detail allows her to get inside animal’s heads to help do things like create better livestock handling equipment.


Tommy McHugh

amazing savants

After having a brain aneurysm this Irish ex-con acquired an insane desire to paint. It’s all he does these days and has covered every inch of his house with it.


Thristan Mendoza

amazing savants

Born in the Philippines and nicknamed Tum-Tum, Thristan was better than most professional marimba players by the age of 3.


Jerry and Mary Newport

amazing savants

The couple whose lives were the basis for the 2005 film “Mozart and the Whale” they are both highly functional savants living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Jerry has been labeled the world’s “most versatile calculator” and Mary has a talent for art and piano.

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