25 Super Cool Slang Phrases People Used In The 20s

It’s not just kids these days that use slang. People have been using slang and colloquial speech since the invention of the spoken word (which was a very, very long time ago). Possibly some of the greatest slang terms in the English language came to us from the roaring twenties. Known for excess, lavishness, and lots of over the top parties, people in the twenties developed their own method of communication. These days many of those phrases and slang terms have been made popular by movies, cinema, and literature, and some of them have even found their way back into everyday usage. It’s always fun, however, to see where the words you are using come from and why people use them. Many terms and words we use today are derived from other terms and words used in the past. Many of these words, as you’ll soon see, reflect the culture of the decade, and if anything they show that inflation has definitely runs its course (a ten cent box is a taxi!). For the most part, though, these words are somewhat comical even though many of them have fallen out of popular usage, reading their meanings can be quite entertaining! These are 25 super cool slang phrases people used in the 20s.

Featured Image: Alijah Villian via Flickr


Butt me!

Butt me!Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Meaning: could you give me a cigarette?


Giggle water

Giggle waterSource: wikipedia, Image: pexels

Meaning: an alcoholic beverage


Go chase yourself!

Go chase yourself!Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Meaning: get out of here!


Iron one’s shoelaces

Iron one’s shoelacesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: to excuse yourself for the bathroom


Know your onions

Know your onionsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: to know what’s going on

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