25 Stupid Criminals Who Got Caught For Ridiculous Reasons

Criminals are often very dangerous individuals, but what about stupid criminals? There are plenty of genius criminals, possessing IQs high enough to commit perfect crimes. Then there are those criminals whose stupidity leaves you wondering, “How in the world have they survived this long”? Dumb criminals are just as dangerous, if not more so, because they might end up hurting themselves or someone else. However, thanks to their stupidity, they get caught by the police and thrown in jail. Here are 25 stupid criminals who got caught for ridiculous reasons.

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Betrayed By His Methamphetamines


Christopher Wilson thought that he had organized “the perfect crime” when he entered a home-improvement store in Washington to steal the goods he desired but he wasn’t all that careful. Apparently, Wilson accidentally dropped his bottle of methamphetamines during his lame attempt at committing a crime, and with it his name and phone number for the clerks and police officers to discover.


A Teen Robber Who “Donated” Both His Wallet and ID

broken wine bottle

An eighteen-year-old teen named Steven Diaz from Pasadena, California, wanted to have drinks with friends and passed by Vons supermarket to shoplift a bottle of wine. As the teen tried to get away from the shop, he punched a security guard and dropped his wallet, ID, and the wine. Of course, he was easily tracked down by the police and arrested shortly after his stupid action.


The Intruder Who Loved His Cleanliness a Little Too Much

warm bath

A really weird dude once raided a house in Texas at four in the morning and naturally scared the hell out of the owner who fled, immediately calling the police. When the officers arrived on the scene, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were surprised to find that the intruder hadn’t stolen or broken a thing (other than the door) and that all he wanted was apparently a warm bath.


Forgotten Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeit money

A con artist specializing in producing counterfeit money and false documents was really unhappy with the new printer he bought from a Target in Augusta, GA, so he decided to take it back and ask for a different one. His demand was satisfied but unfortunately the clerk noticed some “work” the customer forgot to remove from the old printer—a few counterfeit bills that, of course, cost him his freedom.


The Thieves Who Left Their Bumper Behind with the License Plate Attached

British license plate

Three would-be British thieves tried way too hard to wrap chains around an ATM machine that held $31,000 (£20,000), and with the help of a car they tried to carry the whole thing away. Unfortunately for them, the chains didn’t hold and were left behind with the car’s rear bumper and license plate, leaving the thieves to drive off empty-handed and easily traced by the officers who arrested them shortly after.

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