25 Stupid Comments We’ve Gotten That Will Make You Cringe

Posted by , Updated on November 12, 2021

Have you ever experienced inhospitable language and attitude on YouTube comments? (Why am I even asking that? Of course, you have!) Sometimes it feels as if the majority of commenters on YouTube are just waiting in the corner to insult and troll others the very first chance they get.

These YouTube trolls just let you have it and fire away with cursing, belittling comments, personal attacks on you or your mental state, and so on. It seems impossible to debate in a civilized or even logical way with someone on YouTube.

And trust us, things aren’t much different with List25’s YouTube videos. Here, for example, you will read 25 Stupid Comments We’ve Gotten That Will Make You Cringe. And you know what’s the scariest part? We just randomly picked them without conducting meticulous research or putting forth any serious effort.

Can you imagine what we could discover if we decided to dig really deep? A scary thought, isn’t it?

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25 Biggest Mysteries Of History


This video is a joke right ? …i really hope it is! I mean….i laighed a lot!


(Thank you! We’re laughing with your grammar and punctuation too.)



25 Of The Craziest Historical Coincidences You’ve Ever Heard


First video of yours that I’ve watched. Also, the last. I only got to number 23 because I don’t need to see you. This video is boring.


(Boredom says more about the individual watching than the content they watch.)


25 DISASTROUS Marketing Fails That Actually Happened


This is like listening to radio. Either get videos of what you’re talking about, or just shut up.


(Last time we checked, people still listened to the radio.)


25 Odd And Bizarre Facts About Area 51 You Probably Didn't Know


Im gonna start a list26


(List25’s team would like to wish you a stroke of very good luck with that.)


25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines


These lists would be a lot better if you weren’t a) making stupid jokes and comments, b) laughing at your own stupid jokes and comments and c) explaining your own stupid jokes, comments and puns. I’m not saying comments are BAD, of course – you don’t want to just read headlines then move on, after all. Straight men often get more laughs than supposed comedians.


(Thanks for the constructive criticism.)


25 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Dinosaurs


Are you on antidepressants? I can tell you’re reading off a script; which I probably shouldn’t be able to if you’re interjecting some actual enthusiasm into your normal performance… You okay buddy?


(You have no idea.)


25 Tallest NBA Players Ever to Play The Game


I play football and it’s made me powerful and sexy


(Good for you!)


25 Super Smart Scientists You've Never Heard Of But Should Appreciate


If you eat raw chicken you get salmonella but if you eat raw salmon you get chickenella


(Ba-dum, ding!)


25 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married That You’ll Wish You Asked Sooner

maxresdefault (2)https://list25.com/25-questions-to-ask-before-you-get-married-that-youll-wish-you-asked-sooner/

Possibly stoned? Guilty conscience? Tristan has staring issues? All possible


(Um … who’s Tristan?)


25 Things Millennials Have Ruined


Just take a look at a 90s music video and check out how they used to dress back then and then you will know why or how Millenials ruined everything.


(We don’t quite get what angle you’re coming from here.)


25 Most Surprising Ways To Use Bacon That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


Why not bacon cologne, men like women who smell like vanilla


(We don’t quite follow the jump from bacon to vanilla.)


20 Terrifying Ancient Booby Traps That Will Make You Gasp


My favorite booby traps are d cups.


(Misogynist alert!)


25 Stupid World Records That Nobody Has Bothered to Try and Break


I still think that my record-breaking was pretty dangerous. I broke 10 records, actually. All from my sisters’ record collection and I thought she was going to kill me!


(Um, thanks for the information … we think?)


25 Old Wives Tales that Are Actually True


An apple a day can keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough.


(Thank you for the “clever” spin on the old saying.)


25 Images You Won't Believe Weren't PHOTOSHOPPED


And I’m supposed to believe they’re not Photoshopped because someone on YouTube says they’re not? lol The perspective is completely off on a lot of these. Not buying it.


(Not for sale anyway.)


20 Strange Things Your Shoes Say About You

maxresdefault (1)https://list25.com/20-strange-things-your-shoes-say-about-you/

Why are women so crazy about shoes? If a guy is checking out your shoes he is gay. Good luck.


(Do we sense a hint of misogyny here?)


25 Dizzying Facts About Planet Saturn


Saturn has always been an inspiration for Beyoncé “Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it Don’t be mad once you see that he want it ‘Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh”


(Thanks for the information.)


25 Historic Moments from the 2010's That Will Go Down in History Books


I’m with you about Donald, this sentence sums him up Donald is a Duck A trump is a fart Making him a Duck Fart I rest my case


(The case they made would be easier to understand if proper punctuation was used.)


25 Best Looking Celebrities That Aren't Actually Attractive


You should fire whoever wrote this. Really.


(I am glad I didn’t write this list…I guess).


25 Highest Mountains In The World That You Want to See


I once played a game (Tales of Symphonia 2) with an enemy that looked like a jar. It tried to kill the player character, a man. It was a Kill-a-man-jarro






25 Highest Paid E-Sports Gamers


This list doesnt make me happy. Btw. It is October 2nd. You can bring out the spoopy stuff now.


(Did they mean “spooky”?)


25 Cleaning Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner


Slit the fucker’s throat who vomited on your floor and let the blood cover the stinking vomit. After 8 hours, set fire to the carpet and voila no more smell or stains.


(No more carpet either. Thanks, but no thanks.)


25 Most CURSED Movies Ever Filmed


I think I’m cursed after watching this…wait..wait…no I just had to fart


(Good luck with that … I think?)


25 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised


HOW DID I GET HERE?! I was watching dog training videos……


(We probably have a video or two about that as well.)


25 Tallest Women In The World


Surprised by the bedroom that you suddenly started shooting from


(I’m sorry … what?)

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