25 Stupid Comments We’ve Gotten That Will Make You Cringe

Have you ever experienced inhospitable language and attitude on YouTube comments? (Why am I even asking that? Of course, you have!) Sometimes it feels as if the majority of commenters on YouTube are just waiting in the corner to insult and troll others the very first chance they get.

These YouTube trolls just let you have it and fire away with cursing, belittling comments, personal attacks on you or your mental state, and so on. It seems impossible to debate in a civilized or even logical way with someone on YouTube.

And trust us, things aren’t much different with List25’s YouTube videos. Here, for example, you will read 25 Stupid Comments We’ve Gotten That Will Make You Cringe. And you know what’s the scariest part? We just randomly picked them without conducting meticulous research or putting forth any serious effort.

Can you imagine what we could discover if we decided to dig really deep? A scary thought, isn’t it?

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This video is a joke right ? …i really hope it is! I mean….i laighed a lot!


(Thank you! We’re laughing with your grammar and punctuation too.)



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First video of yours that I’ve watched. Also, the last. I only got to number 23 because I don’t need to see you. This video is boring.


(Boredom says more about the individual watching than the content they watch.)


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This is like listening to radio. Either get videos of what you’re talking about, or just shut up.


(Last time we checked, people still listened to the radio.)


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Im gonna start a list26


(List25’s team would like to wish you a stroke of very good luck with that.)


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These lists would be a lot better if you weren’t a) making stupid jokes and comments, b) laughing at your own stupid jokes and comments and c) explaining your own stupid jokes, comments and puns. I’m not saying comments are BAD, of course – you don’t want to just read headlines then move on, after all. Straight men often get more laughs than supposed comedians.


(Thanks for the constructive criticism.)

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