25 Stunning Supermoon Photos Found On Twitter

Posted by , Updated on November 18, 2016


Monday night (November 14), the skies across the world were lit up by the brightest and largest full moon in 68 years. In this extraordinary event, described as “undeniably beautiful” by NASA, the moon appeared to be 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. If you missed this outstanding celestial spectacle last night, you have two options – you can either wait until 2034 when there will be another Supermoon like this, or you can check out some of the best shots of last night’s Supermoon with these 25 Stunning Supermoon Photos Found On Twitter.


Supermoon over an oil refinery


Supermoon and drilling rigs


Supermoon at Yellowstone


Supermoon in Boston


St Marys Lighthouse

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