25 Strangest World Records You Won’t Believe Are Real

Everyone has something that takes them a little outside what’s considered “Normal,” and some of them are just so darn proud of it they decide to share it with the world and almost dare anyone willing to beat them at their own weird game. Sometimes weird world records are set by individuals doing one or two strange things, other times it’s groups, and sometimes it’s one very gifted individual holding many records. It’s a mad mad world full of people doing mad mad things and other people recording them. In celebration of that, here are 25 Strangest World Records You Won’t Believe Are Real.

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Longest Dog Tongue

Pet-Tongue-Cute-Dog-Yorkshire-Terrier-AnimalsSource: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com

The longest dog tongue on record is 4.5 inches, recorded at Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic in Texas, in 2009. It belonged to a Pekingese named Puggy.


Largest Rubber Ducky Collection

DucksSource: http://duckshow.com/

An Assistant Professor at the University of Washington named Charlotte Lee holds the world record for the largest collection of Rubber Ducks, somewhere between 5 and 6 thousand. She gives talks about learning to be an expert, what it means to be an expert, and the path to becoming an expert, which she learned via collecting rubber ducks.


Most Words per Minute - by Nose

Nose typingSource: http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/

A man named Mohammed Kursheed Hussain can type 103 characters in 47 seconds – with his nose. And that’s the Guinness World Record for that unique and oddly useful talent.


Most Live Rattlesnakes in Mouth

rattlesnake-toxic-snake-dangerousSource: http://metro.co.uk

In case you were worried, there IS, in fact, a world record for the most live rattlesnakes held in someone’s mouth at once, so, rest assured, someone’s keeping track of that. That record is 11, and it belongs to a man named Jackie Bibbiy. To be fair, I’m pretty sure it was just the tails he held in his mouth


Smallest Waist

corsetSource: https://www.cathiejung.com

Cathie Jung is a 73 year old  American woman known as “The Corset Queen.” At this point, she claims to wear a corset 24 hours a day. She holds the world record for smallest waist in the world on a living person. Her waist is just 15 inches around.


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