25 Strangest Things You Can Buy Online

Posted by , Updated on July 28, 2014

While most of us have done our fair share of shopping online how many times have you bought a tank over the internet? Or how about an imaginary friend? Well, if you haven’t then get ready because these are the 25 strangest things you can buy online.

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Human Skulls

Skulls Unlimited

If you ever find yourself in need of an real live…or dead rather…human skull then skulls unlimited is your source.



Mortar Investments

Mortar Investments, a company based out of Prague, allows you to buy basically any vehicle that comes with treads and a gun.


A Stone Foot

Stone Foot

Sold for a ridiculous $1 million by a man from Maine, this foot shaped stone is no longer on the market.


Zombie Survival Kits

Zombie Survival Kit

Jam packed with sharp objects and manly tools this $350 dollar kit from Gerber will at least make sure you die in style.


Owl Vomit

Owl Vomit

Targeted towards kids, the unreal upchuck kit from dunecraft.com has everything you need for hours of fun dissecting owl puke.


Severed Mouse Heads

Mouse Head Pin

Ever dream of walking around with a dead mouse in your hair? Well then head on over to etsy.com and order yourself a few dead mouse hairpins before they run out.


UFO Detector

UFO Detector

For only $75 dollars you can buy this super advanced extra terrestrial detection technology.




As cool as having your own radioactive substance would be, we’re pretty sure its the fastest way to end up on the FBI’s watch list.


A Liver


Although the item has been taken down due to laws against selling organs online, a man’s liver managed to reach a bid of over $5 million dollars prior to being shutdown.


Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

Justin Timberlake's French Toast

In March of 2000 after N Sync had breakfast on a morning TV program, someone ended up taking home Justin’s half eaten toast and selling it for nearly $4,000.


Wolf Urine

Wolf Urine

Supposedly it allows you to scare off unwanted critters by tricking them into thinking that predators are lurking nearby.


Rights to Name a Woman’s Baby

Rights to Name a Woman’s Baby

In 2005 after Melissa Heuschkel didn’t know what to call her fourth child she decided to sell the naming rights online. They were quickly bought by the online casino GoldenPalace.com for $15,000 who subsequently named the child (surprise!) “goldencasino.com”


Private Islands

Private Islands

If you’re rich enough and you like being alone in the middle of the ocean then Vladi Islands has just the thing for you.


An Enormous Cheeto

Enormous Cheetoh

In the year 2003 the world’s largest cheeto was put up for sale. It was as big as a kiwi and weighed over half an ounce.


Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend

Strangely enough, the image you see is an actual picture provided by the seller of his imaginary friend known as Jon Malipieman. It might sound crazy but the invisible companion sold for nearly $3,000.


The Moon

The Moon

Well, not the whole moon, but 1 acre in the sea of tranquility can be bought for $32 through the New York based Lunar Registry.


Fake Fat

Fat replica

Although it may have some redeemable use as an exercise motivator, there is no way that 5 pounds of artificial fat wouldn’t make this list.


Baby Wigs

Baby Wigs

Featuring everything from Lil Kim to Samuel L Jackson these miniature wigs let parents everywhere get a good laugh at the expense of their kids.


Drive Through Kit

Drive Through

When we say drive through kit we’re not joking. The kit from Brevita Cooperative Association actually includes a physical drive through unit for you to kick start your business.


USB Pet Rock

Pet Rock

All you have to do is plug the cable into the rock, sit back, and watch it not do anything.


Banana Guard

Banana Guard

For all those times you wish your banana had just a little more protection we introduce to you the most efficient banana defense mechanism known to man…the banana guard.


A Serial Killer’s Fingernails

Serial killer's fingernails

Roy Norris, a famous serial killer, had his fingernail shavings sold on the internet for $10 a pop.



Celebrity for hire

The Millionaires Concierge lets you “rent” celebrities for private events. Prices range anywhere from $25,000 per day to $350,000 dollars per hour.


A Mech

Buy A Mech

For $350,000 you can buy yourself a commercial battle mech from a Japanese company called Sakakibara-Kikai.


Urine Powered Batteries

Urine Powered Batteries

Leave it to the Japanese to inventing something like this.

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