25 Strangest Things Used As Currency

From tootsie rolls to Tide detergent these are the 25 strangest things used as currency.

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Rai Stones

strange currencies

These huge wheel like pieces of rock from the island of Palau were transported to the island of Yap by canoe to be used as currency. The most valuable pieces were the ones that caused the most deaths during transport.



strange currencies

In Roman times this was a very precious commodity. Even our word “salary” is derived from the Latin word for salt, “salarium”.



strange currencies

When Argentina ran out of coins in 2008 people used tootsie rolls or other small candies instead.


Ones and Zeros

strange currencies

We’re talking about digital currency here, the most famous of which has been Bitcoins.



strange currencies

In what was possibly the start of paper currency, traders in China used to use receipts for copper instead of the copper itself.

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