25 Strangest Things Banned By Governments Around The World

Posted by , Updated on March 24, 2014


From yellow clothing to time travel these are the 25 strangest things banned by governments around the world.

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China: Game Consoles

strange things banned by governments

In 2000 the Chinese government enacted the ban to prevent the youth from wasting their time and not working.


Russia: Emo Clothing

strange things banned by governments

The government dubbed the style a “threat to national stability” and banned emo fashion in an attempt to bring down the high suicide rate among teens


Iran: “Western” Hair Cuts

strange things banned by governments

Banned styles include mullets, ponytails, and spikes.


Saudi Arabia: Valentine's Day

strange things banned by governments

The ban included restrictions on anything and everything red being sold on Valentine’s Day. It has led, however, to a thriving black market.


Greece: Video Games

strange things banned by governments

Although intended to be against electronic gambling machines, the law was written very broadly and led to the arrest of someone playing a video game in an internet cafe. After pressure from the EU the law was eventually changed.

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