25 Strangest Things Banned By Governments Around The World

Posted by , Updated on March 24, 2014


From yellow clothing to time travel these are the 25 strangest things banned by governments around the world.

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China: Avatar in 2D

strange things banned by governments

Apparently the idea of people siding with an indigenous population against an imperialistic force wasn’t received well by the Chinese government. They did allow the movie to be released in 3D but the country has almost no 3D theaters so it made little difference.


NSA: Furbies

strange things banned by governments

Although it wasn’t a nationwide ban, it was technically the government. In 1999 the NSA got paranoid that the toys could be recording classified information.


Malaysia: Yellow clothing

strange things banned by governments

From t-shirts and wrist bands to hats and shoelaces, in 2011 the Malaysian government declared it illegal to wear yellow as that was the color of a certain group of opposition activists.


China: Jasmine

strange things banned by governments

After the jasmine revolution in Tunisia inspired Chinese protesters the government didn’t just crack down on the protesters…it banned the flower itself.


USA: Haggis

strange things banned by governments

Traditional Scottish haggis are made with sheep’s lung which has been an illegal food product in the United States for 40 years.

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