25 Strangest Tax Deductions Ever

Posted by , Updated on May 19, 2014


From birthday parties and body oil to dead parents and snitch fees these are the 25 strangest tax deductions ever.

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strangest tax deductions

As hard as it can be to imagine life without your smart phone, one woman actually had a doctor’s prescription for it. After getting into a car accident, apparently Siri helped remind her of things.


Your dog's airfare

strangest tax deductions

As one woman recently found out, just because you bring Fido along on a work trip it doesn’t mean you get to deduct his airfare.



strangest tax deductions

One salesman tried to write off his toupee as a business expense because he said it gave him more confidence and allowed him to work better.



strangest tax deductions

This is one deduction that people push for quite often, usually under the guise of a “medical expense”. Unfortunately cosmetics are hard to claim as deductions.


Fallout Shelter

strangest tax deductions

As far fetched as it sounds, this is another deduction that some people try to claim under the category of “preventative medicine”.

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