25 Strangest Tax Deductions Ever

Posted by , Updated on May 19, 2014


From birthday parties and body oil to dead parents and snitch fees these are the 25 strangest tax deductions ever.

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Body Oil

strangest tax deductions

It sounds silly but is often claimed by professional bodybuilders as a business expense.


Cat food

strangest tax deductions

A couple recently claimed their cat kept the junk yard they owned rat free, and thus safe for customers. The IRS said no way but according to courts…the IRS was wrong.


Hiring an arsonist to burn down your business

strangest tax deductions

Rather than continuing with his struggling business one man simply hired someone to burn it down. He even tried to write off the fee he paid to the arsonist.


Swimming pools

strangest tax deductions

There is the case of a man who, under medical recommendation to start swimming, installed a pool in his home. Of course, most people would just join the YMCA, unless you could do what this guy did and write the pool off.


Tricked out Amish buggy

strangest tax deductions

Although the tinted windshield and illuminated kick plates probably looked pretty cool, the IRS was not too keen on this one. Mind you, the buggy was actually a business expense.

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