25 Strangest Medical Treatments In History

While some of these treatments are still practiced today, they way medical issues were handled in the past will make you glad you are alive in the 21st century. These are the 25 strangest medical treatments in history.

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Crocodile Dung


It’s been used as a contraceptive. We’ll leave it at that.


Powder of Sympathy


Of all the crazy medicines in the 17th century this one probably took the cake. Intended as a treatment for sword wounds it was made of earthworms, pig brains, rust, and mummified corpses all ground into powder.




Although today it’s well known as a poison, in the past it was a critical ingredient in Chinese medicines, cures for malaria, and Victorian women even used it as a cosmetic.


Snake Oil


While today it refers to quack medicine, for centuries it has been used in China to relieve joint pain.


Urine Diagnosis

urine samplekesq.com

Ok, this one is used today for very legitimate purposes. The urine diagnosis that was performed in Medieval hospitals was much different though. It consisted of little more than a smell test that was sometimes even followed by a taste test.

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