25 Strangest Medical Treatments In History

While some of these treatments are still practiced today, they way medical issues were handled in the past will make you glad you are alive in the 21st century. These are the 25 strangest medical treatments in history.

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Moldy Bread


Used to disinfect cuts since the days of ancient Egypt there is some merit to this. As was eventually discovered, certain fungi can actually block disease causing bacteria.


Crystal Meth


Apparently this was Hitler’s medication of choice. His doctor would inject his buttocks with meth laced vitamins to keep him feeling “fresh, alert, and active”.


Farts in a Jar


During the Middle Ages doctors believed that “like cures like”. So, during the Black Death, which was thought to be cause by lethal vapors, some doctors encouraged people to store their farts in jars and take a whiff every time they walked past.


Dead mouse paste


In ancient Egypt if you had a toothache then mashed mice mixed with other ingredients were typically applied to the spot.


The half mouse remedy


Equally, if not more disturbing was the fact that in Elizabethan England mice were cut in half and applied to warts on the skin.

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