25 Strangest Geological Formations On Earth

Are you ready to see some of the coolest geological formations? Planet Earth is filled with tons of unique landforms, and there are new geological discoveries being made everyday. While there are numerous places that could have been included on this list, we’ve narrowed it down to these 25 Strangest Geological Formations On Earth.


Devils Tower – Wyoming


The first declared United States National Monument, Devils Tower was established in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The monument got its name in 1875 during an expedition led by Col. Richard Irving Dodge when his interpreter misinterpreted the name to mean Bad God’s Tower, which then became Devil’s Tower.


Gibson Steps (The Twelve Apostles) – Great Ocean Road, Australia


The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, near Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. They were formed by the harsh weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually eroding the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed, leaving rock stacks up to 45 meters high.


Cave of the Crystals – Naica, Mexico

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The Cave of the Crystals, or Giant Crystal Cave, is connected to the Naica Mine, 300 meters below the surface in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. The main chamber contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found.


Door to Hell – Turkmenistan


The Door to Hell is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan. It’s known for its natural gas fire, which has been burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical scientists in 1971. Fed by the rich natural gas deposits in the area, the pungent smell of burning sulfur pervades the area for some distance.


Chocolate Hills – Philippines


The Chocolate Hills is a geological formation in Bohol Province in the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name.

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