25 Strangest Fast Food Items You Might Want To Try

Are you a fan of fast food? Well, even if you aren’t, you’ve almost certainly been forced to eat it at least once or twice. Although we’re not here to promote unhealthy lifestyle habits, and would certainly advocate for more nutritious alternatives, sometimes fast food can get so weird that it’s hard to pass up. These are the 25 strangest fast food items you might want to try!

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Sausage Roll Crust Pizza

Sausage Roll Crust PizzaSource: brandeating.com 

Who would ever think of stuffing a pizza crust with sausage rolls? Pizza Hut, that’s who! Well, at least in Luxembourg.


Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

Buffalo Crunch DoughnutSource: grubstreet.com 

Tim Horton’s served up a big pile of “What!?!?” at the New York State Fair with these doughnuts dunked in buffalo sauce. Sweet and savory never looked more tasty.


Kit-Kat Sandwich

Kit-Kat SandwichSource: time.com

The Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen offers Kit-Kat bars sandwiched between…two slices of white bread?


Windows 7 Whopper

windows 7 burgerSource: engadget.com

To celebrate the launch of Windows 7 back in 2009, Burger King offered this 7 patty eye-popper in Japan.


Kuro Pearl Burger

Kuro Pearl BurgerSource: grubstreet.com

Burger King Japan offers this meat patty between two black buns along with black cheese dyed with bamboo charcoal. As a bonus, you’ll find squid ink in the onion-garlic sauce.

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