25 Strangest Date Night Ideas You Might Want To Try

The only way to shake up your love life is with strange date night ideas. Because, we have news for you, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, believe it or not. Even if you’re not really into this Hallmark holiday, you might still be looking for some out-of-the-box ideas to woo the one who holds your heart. Let’s face it, sometimes our old standby date nights can become a bit boring. Let me help you mix it up by presenting these ideas collected from personal experience and around the web. Even if some of these ideas seem a bit strange, you may want to still give them a try if for no other reason than getting outside of your comfort zone. Here are 25 Strangest Date Night Ideas You Might Want To Try!


Partake in some street food

street foodhttps://www.scoopwhoop.com/quirky-date-ideas/#.b2gh06o4n

Ditch the fancy restaurant and take your love out for some street food! That hot dog stand on Main Street? Perfect. Food Truck Sunday at your local park? Amazing. You might be surprised what amazing food can be found with street vendors.


Get lost on purpose

couple road trip

Turn the GPS off and hit the road. Just drive. Take a highway you never have before or go left when you normally go right. You might discover new things! Just be sure to fill up your tank before you go and have GPS on backup.


Take a brewery tour

brewery tourhttps://stylecaster.com/creative-date-ideas/

Hit up a local brewery and take a guided tour. It’s an inexpensive way to grab a drink and enjoy some time learning something new with your other half.


Take dance lessons

ballroom dancehttps://stylecaster.com/creative-date-ideas/

I don’t mean hit up a club and move around like everyone else. I mean go to a class and learn how to officially dance. Ballroom Waltz, Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Swing…there are so many styles you could study. The next time you do go to the club, you and date will rule the dance floor.


Face your fears together

walking on bridge

This isn’t exactly a first date idea, so use caution. However, when you guys find yourselves wanting to do something different and adventurous, choose one of your fears and try to conquer it together. Having someone you love with you will help you overcome whatever fear you face.

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