25 Strange Things Your Body Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your body says about your health or what your body says about your personality? You have probably heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in fact, hidden clues about who you really are can be found all over your body. If you want to find out what your body says about you, check out today’s post with these 25 Strange Things Your Body Says About You. From symptoms of various diseases to your chances of getting divorced, you will be surprised to find out what your body shape says about you or what your face says about you.

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Changes in your nails, such as discoloration or thickening, can signal serious health problems, including liver and kidney diseases, heart and lung conditions, anemia, and diabetes.

nailsSource: huffingtonpost.com

Scientists believe that eye color may determine to some extent how much a person achieves in life. Studies have shown that a majority of people with blue eyes are better at matters involving strategic thinkers than people with dark colored eyes.

blue eyesSource: peimag.com

A study found out the way people smile in old photographs predicts their later success in marriage. Psychologists rated people’s college yearbook photos for smile intensity, and they found that none of the biggest grinners divorced later in life. In comparison, 25% of the most straight-faced people experienced divorce.

wedding photographSource: huffingtonpost.com

If you have square palms, you are likely to be a practical and logical person and a good mathematician. You tend to solve your problems logically and don't listen to your intuition.

palmSource: healthylifevision.com

If your big toe is much longer than your other toes, you are a clever and creative thinker.

feetSource: heart.co.uk

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