25 Strange Things Banned Around The World

We have already published a few posts about some of the most ridiculous and crazy laws and regulations that used to be or still have been in effect in some American states and cities but obviously, the U.S. is not the only country that has imposed a ban on some weird stuff. From wearing noisy shoes and leaving elephants on the beach to die, check out these 25 strange things banned around the world.

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In Melbourne, Australia, vacuuming your house between 10 pm and 7 am during weekdays and 10 pm and 9 am during the weekends is against the law.


Melbourne is also a place where men are banned from dressing up like women. According to an old law, it is illegal for a man to appear in public wearing a strapless gown


In the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, driving a dirty car is against the law. If you drive a car that is not clean enough, you can get fined up to 2000 rubles (currently around 30 American dollars).


When traveling to Granville, a commune in northwestern France, remember to leave your elephant at home. Or at least don’t bring him to the local beach. According to a 2009 municipal law, elephants are not allowed on the beach. The law was a reaction to circuses that brought their elephants to the sea where the animals would then defecate.


Hawaii is considered one of the greatest summer holiday destinations in the world but those who like singing at night might want to consider choosing another place. In Honolulu, the state´s capital, it is illegal to sing loudly after the sunset.


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