25 Strange Phenomena Within This Decade That Have Yet To Be Explained

From antiquity to today, science has been man’s ultimate tool in the attempt to understand how the natural world works, with empirical evidence as the basis of that understanding. However, many cases have been recorded in which even science can’t reasonably explain certain natural phenomena which some might refer to as miracles, and which others call unexplained mysteries. Of course, we won’t try to explain any of these strange phenomena, but instead list 25 of the most shocking that have occurred during the first half of this decade. So, can you explain any of these strange phenomena?

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The Harbour Mille incident

Harbour Mille incident

The Harbour Mille incident wasn’t just another bizarre UFO story but the reported sightings of multiple unidentified flying objects during the night of January 25, 2010, near Harbour Mille, Canada. At least three UFOs were spotted and according to the descriptions of various witnesses, the objects looked like missiles but emitted no noise. A resident managed to take a photograph of one of the objects.


Man becomes math genius after being punched in the head


Even though medical science assures us that head injuries burn cells and technically make us “dumber” (ask boxers), this isn’t the case for Jason Padgett, who became a mathematical genius overnight after an attacker punched him in the head. The thirty-one-year-old man was a college dropout who had no background in mathematics beyond the everyday basics or did not engage in any spiritual activity or interests whatsoever.

Padgett is one of only forty known people in history to have “acquired­savant syndrome,” an unexplained condition in which trauma to the head results in the emergence of remarkable talent in math, art, or music.


Dozens of turtles died in Florida

turles florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission failed to figure out the reason behind the death of dozens of turtles in Keystone Heights in January 2012. Locals noticed the dead turtles at the end of Pinon Road and after further investigation, experts ruled out traumatic death as the cause.


Humanlike flying creature sighted in Chile


A strange report emerged from Chile in 2013 detailing sightings of a peculiar winged creature. The young man, who witnessed the mysterious animal flying between two trees near Bustamante Park in Santiago, Chile, described it pretty much as a cross between Batman and Dracula: bat-like wings, a beak full of razor-sharp teeth, tearing claws, and a long tail with a flanged end. Was this flying reptile a figment of the young man’s imagination or does it provide living proof that prehistoric creatures still exist?


A three-year-old gives creepy details about the person who killed him in his past life

3 year old boy

Last year, in the Golan Heights near the border of Syria and Israel, a three-year-old boy claimed he remembered being murdered in a previous life. The boy said he was murdered with an axe, ushering elders to where his murdered body was buried. The creepiest part of this story is that what they found there was a skeleton with the murder weapon lying next to it. Of course, no official scientific answer has been given yet concerning this eerie phenomenon, and we have a feeling that research into this case will last for years if not decades to come.

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