25 Strange Names For Groups Of Animals

We all know that a group of cows is a herd and a group of fish is a school but what about a group of cockroaches? Unless you work at the city zoo or have done extensive field work in the African savanna you will probably be surprised by some of the names on this list. From murders to cackles to coalitions these are 25 strange names for groups of animals.

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A Thunder of Hippos


In spite of the fact that Hippos seem to enjoy lying near one another, they are intensely independent animals and the only strong social bonds within their group tend to be between mother and child.


A Convocation of Eagles


Although it may not seem like it Bald Eagles are extremely social outside of nesting season and are actually thought to be monogamous.


A Murder of Crows


Crows are very social creatures and boast tight knit families. They roost in large numbers to protect themselves from predators and have over 250 identifiable calls they use to communicate.


A Prickle of Porcupines


Rarely will you witness this in nature as porcupines are typically very independent and tend to lead solitary lives.


An Intrusion of Cockroaches


In spite of being so hated, cockroaches are actually extremely social creatures. They are capable of recognizing members of their own family and many times even live together with multiple generations.

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