25 Strange Jobs You Might Not Know Exist

Posted by , Updated on March 7, 2017


There are some very unique job descriptions out there! Every wonder what they are? A “line straightener” may not be an “official” career that you can find in a government handbook, but somebody somewhere hired somebody else for that job, and that’s what they called it. Here are 25 Strange Jobs You Might Not Know Exist!

Featured Image: pixabay (public domain)


Hook writer

songSource: firstjib via reddit, Image: pixabay (public domain)

They’re song writers, but they don’t actually write songs. They just write the catchy part for a certain beat or verse.


Underwater lumberjack

lakeSource: liberal_texan via reddit, Image: pixabay (public domain)

When trees have been covered due to flooding or diverted rivers, these people get to work.


Food expert witness

gavelSource: theexpertinstitute.com/expert-witness/food/, Image: pixabay (public domain)

These people explain food to juries in court.


Bereavement coordinator

statueSource: chegg.com/career-center/explore/bereavement-coordinator, Image: pixabay (public domain)

They work with families that are grieving the loss of a loved one. This typically involves helping the family do paperwork, providing counseling, and coordinating any necessary services or support.


Book conservator

booksSource: conservation-us.org, Image: pixabay (public domain)

It’s kind of like being a doctor, except for books.

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