25 Strange Habits That Are More Common Than You Think

Posted by , Updated on February 2, 2024

We all do weird things. Sometimes, we do weird things often enough that it’s considered a habit; sometimes we think we’re the only people who do those things, or we don’t realize (until we step back) that the habits we’ve developed are that weird. If you have weird habits, or think you’re a little strange, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Here are 25 Strange Habits That Are More Common Than You Think.


Getting at least partially if not fully naked the moment you walk in the door. Not much is sweeter than taking off those shoes, that tie, or various other restrictive pieces of clothing.

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Claiming to have read an entire book when you gave up about halfway through and just googled the ending. Moby Dick, anyone? IT'S AN ALLEGORY, WE GET IT. It's also an impromptu melee weapon...

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Saying words under your breath or in your head so you can spell them correctly (Wed-nes-day), also singing the ABC song to make sure things are in alphabetical order. Twinkle Twinkle E - F -G.

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Asking people to smell or taste gross things we just experienced. Misery loves company?

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Walking on curbs. It's still totally fun, even when you're in your 30's. Don't lie, you've done it.

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Acting as if liking something that everyone likes makes us unique and is an important part of our personality. Liking Star Wars doesn't make you a nerd anymore, and even if it's "your thing," it's also kinda...everyone's thing now. Liking Audrey Hepburn isn't unique; she's arguably as famous in death as she was in life. It's really cool to like these things, but taking media and making it a part of your personality - like millions of other people - is kind of weird. Common, but weird. You can't walk into Hot Topic and buy a personality, yet most of us do this on some level. *sips coffee from Portal mug*

star wars shirt





Playing out in our heads fictional conversations that will likely never happen...or the perfect comeback we should have thought of hours ago.

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Daydreaming. "This current reality really sucks, so I'm going to dip into my pretend one that I prefer for a little while. Also what if Godzilla was real, and I had superpowers to fight him? Back later."

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Using Facebook to...not stalk...but check up on...people who were mean to you in high school, or your exes, or the person you're competing with for that promotion at work. Logging out / using the view button to see what your profile looks like to someone you aren't friends with is another social media habit. People do this.

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Cleaning our ears with Q-tips, DESPITE being told not to by doctors and the box of q-tips (and then looking at our ear wax on said q-tip afterwards).

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Saving things we'll never use. Anyone else have 50 plastic grocery bags, random popsicle sticks, empty coffee cans, random rubber bands, unmatched socks, the last two birthday party invitations from a pack, an old piece of clothing, etc, laying around somewhere? There's some weird guilt about throwing away things that aren't broken or torn, even though realistically we'll never use them. This isn't even hoarding, which is a whole different issue.


Staring into the fridge or cabinet as if food is suddenly going to jump out and say, "MAKE ME FOR DINNER!" You never know; new options could appear magically.

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Nail biting or picking skin around one's fingernails. It's gross, it's bad for our nails, and a lot of people still do it.

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Hitting the snooze button. This is a TERRIBLE habit; it helps exactly none; we feel worse after that five to seven minutes of semi-sleep, and yet...we do it. Wanting a 7 minute nap after sleeping for hours is weird.

snoozebuttonSource: Not a morning person.

We, as humans, lie about a lot of things with pretty alarming regularity; more so than most of us realize. Not malicious lies, but little white lies, like, "Sure, her wedding dress was beautiful! Feathers are so cool!" and "It's fine if your mom wants to get the baby a drum set!" or just pretending to be interested in inane small talk that no, no one is that interested in. We do it to help smooth social situations because, particularly in the US, raw honesty and abruptness aren't polite, and being polite eases as lot of social tensions. It's still weird though.

LIESSource : http://www.livescience.com

Popping zits or picking at our skin. Some people are staunch anti-poppers, and some people can't help it.

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Leave carts in places that are not the designated cart corral or back at the store entrance. This is a horrible, weird, evil habit - you know who you are, stop it. (Unless you're disabled, but y'know, disabled people generally aren't parking in the back of the Target parking lot, and people with small children return their carts all the time, so that's not an excuse either.) We are judging you on this one.


Watching TV while we eat. Not having a snack while we watch TV, but sitting down to eat one of our daily main meals in front of a television. This is kind of weird if you live with someone else. As a society many of us have gotten out of the habit of eating over a table and having a conversation on a regular basis.

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Regularly partaking in things that are bad for us, like really really bad for us and could result in death. Smoking, drinking too much, texting while driving because you're a better driver than "those people." Nope, no you're not, you could die or kill someone else. And smoking will give you cancer which kills you slowly and horrifically, and drinking too much will kill your liver, which is also a horrible death. No judgement, just observation.

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Not answering our phones. We LIVE with them but don't always answer them. Or reading a text, intending to answer it, and realizing a day or week later that we never did....


Buying things we don't need, either because it's on sale, or just because a shiny pretty object of interest gives us some kind of temporary happiness. Nearly everyone does this on some level, but it's kind of a bad habit to have.

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Going around barefoot in public places. Airplanes, LocalMart, music festivals, public showers and locker rooms...our feet need to be protected. The world is dirty and gross. Things grow under your toenails. PUT SHOES ON. It's for your own good.


Not folding and putting away our laundry so we have to rummage through a pile of clean but wrinkled laundry to find clean clothes. Kudos to those who wash, dry, fold/hang and put away in the same day. You're truly the adults among us.

clean laundry

Buying things for projects we never get around to, even if we already have unfinished projects, and starting projects we never finish.


Arguing on the internet.

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