25 Strange Facts About Twins You Might Not Know

Do you know any twins? Or are you a twin yourself? Even if you are, we bet there are some facts you didn’t know about them! Although genetics and medical research are advancing everyday, there are still many things we don’t know. In fact, twins are at the forefront of this advancement thanks to their similar genes. These are 25 strange facts about twins you might not know!


Due to techniques like in vitro fertilization, twins can be born years apart! (The parents keep some of the embryos frozen.)

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Twins can have different fathers! Known as heteropaternal superfecundation, this basically means that the mother had two ova fertilized by two different men.

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It is rare, however, for twins to have different fathers as a result of intercourse. Sperm stay in the female for several days while the egg remains viable for up to 48 hours. The fertile period for such an event would thus be very short.

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In vitro fertilization makes heteropaternal superfecundation more common. A Dutch couple, Wilma and Willem Stuart were surprised to find that one of their twins was white and the other black. Apparently another man's sperm had been accidentally mixed with Mr. Stuart's.

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Cryptophasia is a language created by young twins that only they understand. Often it includes mannerisms and physical motions as well. To outsiders, it sounds like gibberish.

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