25 Strange Facts About Twins You Might Not Know

Do you know any twins? Or are you a twin yourself? Even if you are, we bet there are some facts you didn’t know about them! Although genetics and medical research are advancing everyday, there are still many things we don’t know. In fact, twins are at the forefront of this advancement thanks to their similar genes. These are 25 strange facts about twins you might not know!


Since 1980 the birthrate for twins has increased by over 70%!

increaseSource: huffingtonpost.com

Women in their thirties are more likely to have twins than women in their twenties. In fact, because women aren't having children until they are older, this may be contributing to the increase in twins.

babySource: everydayhealth.com

More than half of twins are born with a low birthweight, which can contribute to long term health problems like asthma.

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Having twins isn't always good for the mother either. Risks for things like gestational hypertension are higher.

blood pressureSource: health.com

There is a twin gene! But only for fraternal twins (two separate eggs). There isn't any gene that contributes to the formation of identical twins (one single egg).

dnaSource: modernmom.com

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