25 Things That Are Statistically Most Likely To Kill You

Posted by , Updated on June 20, 2024

From plane crashes to lightning strikes these are the 25 things that are statistically most likely to kill you.



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Just in the US about 10,000 people are admitted into ERs due to firework injuries annually. Your chance of death: 1-in-615,488.



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Your level of risk will obviously vary with location, but statistically speaking your chances are 1-in-500,000


Asteroid Impact

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In the past they thought our chances were something like 1-in-20,000. Now, thanks to modern technology we’ve learned that they’re closer to 1-in-500,000. We still think that’s a bit high though…


Dog Attack

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Your chances of being mauled by man’s best friend are 1-in-147,717



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Once again, living on top of a fault line will significantly increase your risk. In general however, your chances are 1-in-131,890


Venomous bite or sting

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At 1-in-100,000 you are almost twice as likely to die of a bee sting as you are a dog bite


Lightning Strike

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Each year around the world about a quarter of a million people are struck by lightning. Your chances of dying from it: 1-in-83,930



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Living in the US or India increase your chances but in general they hover somewhere around 1-in-60,000


Legal Execution

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We know, just don’t commit treason or murder and your chances will fall significantly and unless you live in China, North Korea, Yemen, Iran, or the United States you can’t be legally executed anyway. Still, your chances would be 1-in-58,618



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As one of the most common and dangerous natural disasters, floods claim more lives annually than any other of the catastrophes on our list. Your chances: 1-in-30,000


Air Travel Accident

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Flying is not just a little bit safer than driving, as you’ll see in a moment it’s hundreds of times safer. Your chances: 1-in-20,000



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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide claiming hundreds of thousands of lives annually. Your chances: 1-in-8,942



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Including deaths due to lightning and capital punishment, electrocution claims about 1,000 lives in the United States annually with most of these being related to on-the-job injuries. You chances: 1-in-5,000


Bicycle Accident

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Usually when someone dies riding a bicycle it involves a motorist of some sort. Your chances: 1-in-4,717


Natural Forces

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This includes lightning, tornados , floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and any other natural disaster as a catch-all statistic to give you an idea of how likely you are to perish as a result of mother nature’s wrath. Your chances: 1-in-3,357


Fire or Smoke

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Roughly 50%-80% of fire related deaths are due to smoke inhalation rather than burns but together, in the United States, these claims thousands of lives ever year. Your chances: 1-in-1,116


Assault by Firearm

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Granted, living in the US, Guatemala, Brazil, or South Africa makes being shot far more likely but as a whole your chances are 1-in-325


Falling Down

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If this seems benign, then you must be young. This is the leading cause of injury related death among seniors in the world. Your chances: 1-in-246


Intentional Self-harm

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Every 40 seconds someone somewhere on this planet kills themselves and every year roughly 1 million lives are lost due to suicide. Your chances: 1-in-121


Motor Vehicle Accident

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In what is probably one of the most dangerous things any of us ever do on a regular basis, motor vehicle accidents claim about 50,000 American lives every year. Your chances: 1-in-100


Accidental Injury

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With this umbrella category being responsible for around 30 million emergency room visits annually, the number of lives lost every year as a result hover around 100,000. Your chances: 1-in-36



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For people living in the developed world, one of the four remaining items are almost guaranteed to kill you eventually. Your chance of death by stroke: 1-in-23



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If you live long enough then it’s almost as certain as death and taxes that you will get some form of cancer in your body. Your chances: 1-in-7


Heart Disease

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It is commonly thought by many experts that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Your chances: 1-in-5


Hayflick limit

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Assuming you didn’t get any disease or die any violent death, it appears that your cells could only divide a finite number of times before falling apart anyway. This is known as the Hayflick limit. Although modern advances in genetics may prolong this process, some research has indicated that the current maximum life span for a human is 125 years.