25 Space Secrets Astronauts Want You To Know

It’s no secret astronauts have extraordinary lifestyles, experiencing things no human has since the dawn of time. As such, it makes sense they’d have a few tips, tricks, and secrets they’d want you to know. From the secrets to their success to the secrets of living in a space station for months, there’s plenty to learn from an astronaut. While some of these secrets are, frankly, humorous and not exactly applicable to most people, you’ll still want to lean in and listen to some of their sage advice. You may find their discipline and lifestyles to be inspiring. Here are 25 Space Secrets Astronauts Want You To Know.

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Be a zero

calcSource: https://www.success.com/an-astronauts-secrets-to-success/

Astronauts share a few secrets to their success, including doing things that might seem contrary to common sense. For instance, they suggest trying “to be a zero by listening to others rather than always having an opinion about something. Learning from listening, they say, helps them become more successful.



nasa astronautSource: https://www.urbo.com/content/things-about-being-an-astronaut-that-nasa-doesnt-talk-about/

Imagine having a space suit on and getting the urge to sneeze. The last thing you want is to have snot all over your visor. So, to solve this problem, they tuck their heads up to their chest and sneeze down. It’s still pretty gross but better than the alternative.


Being in water isn't like being in space

underwaterSource: https://www.seeker.com/is-space-like-under-water-for-astronauts-1768849977.html

We all know astronauts train in water to simulate zero gravity. The problem is that being in water is nothing like being in outer space. The buoyancy is different and water provides resistance. Most of the time, they’re tested underwater for other things like working under pressure in a difficult environment.


Wake-up Music

sleepingSource: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts135/135_wakeup.html

To wake up and realize they’re still in a space station rather than comfortable on Earth, mission control or the astronaut’s friends and will pick a selection of music. Sometimes the wake-up call will just be a piece of dialog from a movie or television show.


Don't exaggerate

Curb_Your_Ego_close_cropSource: https://www.success.com/an-astronauts-secrets-to-success/

Another secret to an astronaut’s success is to not exaggerate. That seems easy enough until you realize it’s part of your own job. Anyway, what they mean is you should tell it like it is and never oversell your own importance.

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